Friday, March 13, 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bombing in Gaza

The ugly face of war, death, destruction man, again these sad scenes in the name of hatred generated by a small group of people whose interests go beyond historical disputes between the two peoples.
The new attack was perpetrated by Israeli forces against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is closed 2008 with the unwelcome addition of hundreds of civilians dead. Five were killed and thousands injured, but the reality is that these figures are estimates, the numbers are higher. The peoples and governments are manifested repudiating these actions, the streets of major cities around the world are filled with people who wish to realize world peace. Governments attending the UN to exercise its role as arbiter and impose severe penalties on the government of Israel, protected by its unconditional ally, the U.S. government arrested again and again against the Palestinians.
The year 2008 has been qualified as did previous wars unjustified, for mass murder without justification, in Iraq, Palestine and other countries, by the constant threats from the United States declared war against Syria, Iran and the Third Worldwide, the new Cold War that characterizes the United States and the Russian Federation, the only thing that has to shine and makes it unforgettable 2008 Olympic Games are held in Beijing, which showed the world the will of the Chinese government and people in favor of development and world peace.
President Bush does not want to go to the White House while another sad memory. If the government is responsible for Tel Aviv this genocide, it is also the U.S. government, the supplier of nuclear armament and military technology sector. Obama, like all good American political views Israel as an ally and has not expressed opposition to these attacks seem to have that support.
Oil has risen in price, the price stability of less than $ 40 a barrel has been broken. The big capitalists make this festival, the markets of USA and UK and gain profit at the expense of violence.
The Middle East will see the new year 2009 with their people and destroyed hundreds of lifeless bodies in the streets broken by destroy the missiles. The world expects the UN a strong measure against the perpetrators of the slaughter. True has recently allowed the U.S. to take the reins of the case and prevent the rulers of Israel are doomed.
The aggression must stop, our species is in danger and we must together takes action to preserve life on our planet. You have to understand that wars have already gone out of fashion, and those days are over where the men were facing to defend the interests of a minority, the reality is that the world must unite in peace and work together to rebuild our environment and leave our children a safer world.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pastors for Peace defy U.S. restrictions against Cuba

The 19 members of the Caravan of Pastors for Peace are continuing today in preparation for travel to Cuba, in an open challenge to restrictions imposed by the U.S. government. A communiqué released in this capital by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples states that over a hundred caravans U.S., Canada and Europe are assembled in the town of McAllen, Texas. There finalizing details for crossing the border from Texas to the Mexican city of Reynosa the upcoming July 13, said the note. During his stay in McAllen conducted an inventory of 100 tons of humanitarian aid for Cuba to be collected. The donation includes medical equipment, education materials, artistic and sporting equipment, plus six school buses and a mobile library. The caravan traveled 125 cities throughout the United States and Canada to collect humanitarian aid and conduct talks on the Cuban reality.

They arrived in Cuba Pastors for Peace

The Caravan of Representatives of the Pastors for Peace, U.S., arrived in Havana on Saturday after Washington circumvent obstacles in its efforts to prevent their arrival at the island. Caridad Diego Bello, head of the Office of Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba, directors of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples and religious leaders of the largest of the West Indies went to José Martí International Airport to welcome the group . The Reverend Lucius Walker leads the representation, which brings a new solidarity aid to Cuba, despite the obstacles they faced when crossing into Mexican territory by the border Pharr bridge, adjacent to Reynosa. At that point customs of the city state of Tamaulipas, bordering Texas, U.S. agents seized 35 computers, which were part of some 100 tons of cargo, including several vehicles. The members of the nineteenth Friendship Caravan of US-Cuba, in protest, took early passage of a rail car for half an hour in one's own customs control of Pharr, until authorized their entry to Mexico. After they moved to neighbouring port of Tampico to board the humanitarian contribution toward Cuba and, like every year, attended an act of solidarity with the island, in the Plaza de la Libertad of that Mexican city. One hundred members of the movement of friendship with Cuba on Saturday travelled by air to Havana to deliver their donation. The delegation of Pastors for Peace is composed of activists Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Mexicans, and every year challenges the blockade of the U.S. Government against Cuba, including trade and travel of Americans to most of the West Indies. In their journeys by American and Canadian cities, religious collected 100 tons of articles, including medical equipment, for education, art and sport, which means will be allocated to the Cuban people. The contribution also includes several buses, five of which carry the names of Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez and Antonio Guerrero, unjustly imprisoned in U.S. to combat terrorism. The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization Pastors for Peace has more than 40 years working for social justice, and since 1992, without asking for leave to U.S. Treasury Department, collects its humanitarian cargo in support of the Cuban nation.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Republic of Puerto Rico

The island of Borinquen suffers from the evil of ill visitors. The Spaniards who arrived five centuries ago are considered by Rene Perez and Eduardo Cabra ill visitors and the "Gringos" 110 years ago worst visitor. Not only do they think so, a people which rejects the presence of the intruders want to be free once and for all. The U.S. government was in Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico after intervening in the war between Cubans and Spaniards organized by José Martí, and launched in 1895 and had its denouement in the bay of the city of Santiago de Cuba, where he was military destroyed the Spanish fleet. The Filipinos had declared them to their colonizers, the Yankees also come into conflict with those excuses and promises. Spain signed the capitulation and instead grant independence for which they fought and died thousands of Cubans and Filipinos in their respective countries gave the Americans the colonies that he remained in americas and Asia. We have been victims of imperialist interested relations since our emergence as a nation. The struggle of Cubans did not cease and achieved at least a republic in 1902, which was not where everyone wanted but at least constituted an important step for the island does not become a star in the constellation more American. In the Philippines died in 10 years over one million in the struggles against the new occupants. Were did the same resistance in Puerto Rico? It had to await the twentieth century react to the boricuas and began fighting. After laws and reforms are aware of the first armed insurrection in 1950, where he rejected the proposed "Commonwealth (ELA)," a condition that has at present. The fight was suffocated with bombings at various locations and the residence of Governor Creole first in Puerto Rico. During that uprising proclaimed full independence of the Republic of Puerto Rico. The struggles of small groups opposed to the status of commonwealth were felt even in the United States itself, few results, but endures the courage and ideas. At present there is a movement that has to constantly check the Americans, I do not understand why, the boricuas be the first to demand their independence, they know that their territory is owned by the gringos and that make and break when they are come in wins. A few weeks ago took a leap aspiring Presidents of USA, giving speech in English, much as if they were to understand, were not even treated as subject to a decent future for the land. It is time that Puerto Rico itself take charge of their destiny, simply being a stage show more than shameful squandering of millions on campaigns and pacotilla when at the same time hundreds of children die by lack of food and medicine. The small patches of the West Indies has its own culture, a language that never bowed Spanish into English, its people is unique, very different from the Americans, people who run the Latino blood in the veins, and cheerful worker, who dreams of a prosperous future and crédula any message, no matter where or who come. Every day are less those who believe in the gringos, the visitors have been worse, pity that there are residents, ill residents who receive him with open arms, and obey your teeth out, making them happy in a land they believe belongs to them . When Puerto Rico will be independent? That will decide what their people, the world expects much from you, no cree en pretexts that can take this good news, Kosovo's independence has created expectations in different places, Catalonia, Basque Country, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico and other regions fighting for their independence, liberation or autonomy. De Borinquen want independence, a status that does not belong to the Yankees, so that its people will not elect a governor, as is done in the States and for Americans than any president invade that territory with the lies inherent in a campaign Presidential, is intended to be conducted in Puerto Rico presidential elections, leaving a president elected by the people who represent them and feels a table, together with their counterparts in the area to determine the future of the region without the Americans intervene and impose their will by force. Several personalities of American history who have expressed their desire to see Puerto Rico free. Antonio Maceo, one of the official Cubans who fought the Spanish regime in the two war of independence of Cuba said: "When Cuba is independent of the Government seek to be constituted, to permit freedom of Puerto Rico, because I would not surrender slave leaving the sword that portion of americas. " Unfortunately Maceo died in combat in the year 1896, yet the United States had not intervened in the Spanish-Cuban War and Spanish-Filipino, to be alive in 1898 another rooster crows, the history of Puerto Rico was different. Without looking at the past and blame things that were left to do, confident that the future of Puerto Rico depends on their children, that true independence depends on them and not the will of an empire increasingly eager to hold new lands. Booting the shackles imposed by the visitor, who said that visits send in our home?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Washington: No Visas for Cuban Five Wives

"Once again the US government lies", said the president of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon, during a cultural gala on Wednesday night to celebrate the beginning of an international campaign for the release of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez, internationally known as the Cuban Five, who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States nine years after they were detained for infiltrating terrorist anti-Cuba organizations based in Florida.

Alarcon was making reference to the announcement made on Wednesday afternoon by the US State Department informing that Olga Salanueva and Adriana Perez had been denied - for the eighth time - visas to visit their husbands Rene Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez, respectively.

Regarding the arguments used by the US authorities to deny the visas, Alarcon said: "They lie. These women can not be accused of committing espionage because not even their husbands were".

During the gala, held at the Mella Theater in Havana coinciding with the ninth anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five in September 1998, messages in support of the Cuban political prisoners from US actor Danny Glover and writer Alice Walker were read.

The event was also attended by Culture Minister Abel Prieto and relatives of the Cuban Five.

The new international campaign to demand the immediate release of the Cuban heroes will run until October 8.

World for Freedom of Cuban Five

Thousands of people in the world attend Thursday a new campaign in favor of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in the United States after a political trial.

After the ninth anniversary Wednesday of the detention of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez, nearly 50 countries have held popular demonstrations for release of the Five.